Sunday, May 29, 2011

HB :)

6 MAY 2011
Guess , guess what ?
Its Shaffin's birthday 
It's my birthday dude ^^

On that day , I am in MJSC Batu Pahat . So , its a bit disappointing because I cant celebrate it with my superb great family . But as long as I have all my lummy friends . So , I can still get the fun kan  :) I also got some twins here , Sys Syra Harmay , Umi Umairah . And all the Mays :) Happy Birthday including Amal , Lynn , Sys Raihana Nadira , Sys Yaya . 

Okey , starts from the first second of 6th May , on 0000 . I am crawling to my bed for get ready to sleep . And guess what ? Ive got a shock surprise . All my friends rushed to my room and splash the tepung-soya at my face . Urgghh , bau dia ! Uwekk . But , I dont mind laa . HAHA :D Habis semua rambut muka kene mask tu ! I love you all ^^ Awhh , not forgotten my roommates too:)

So , I just wanna say thank you to all of you who congratulating my birthday . I cant express it with words . Thankyou <33 . Thanks to for those who gave me present , birthday card , messages , phone calling and all the wishers from social network too , Facebook :) Thank you peeps :)

Not forgotten , 
My family
The soya-tepung maker , HAHA :D
Birthday twin , Sys Syra
All the wishers
I love you more ^^

ps : Ade orang tu ta wish pun Birthday aku , tapi takpe :) Aku still sayang kau la Little Comot ^^

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