Friday, November 5, 2010

Adore them .

Sooyoung SNSD

Well , I love her . One of Girl's Generation member or also known as SNSD . 
Oh ! Before that , her name is Choi Sooyoung . She's 21 now .
Her nickname is Shikshin (God of food ) 
Sooyoung is the third youngest member but amazingly she's the tallest member , 
170 cm . OMG !

She also dorky person and funny !
Look like she's having enjoying her own self-entertainment . Looking a lil stupid heehee.But nothing more silly then the other SNSD members behind . 

As a Sooyoungster, I promise to cherish and love the Shikshin goddess; I will feed the shikshin whenever she is hungry.I will be as strong as an unbeatable tiger; I will eat as much as I want despite what others say. I will cry if my hearts wants too.I will be the Shikshin's source of energy and happiness

Zayn Malik

His name is Zayn Malik from One Direction with their Hit song , One Thing He's from England and a Muslim . He's 18 years old .
His name spelled was Zain but he prefers Zayn . Zayns proud of his religion and he hopes that by appearing on the show he can show people that Muslims are respectful :)

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