Saturday, November 6, 2010

gone 13 , will be missing them

this is redza !

macha , idong , mokci , muaz , mus , orix , amal , 
amir , penan , haziq kay-ell , faiz , fandi , kikiy

mereka suda pergi 
ksalahan y ta dsengajakn
f**k to redza

do you believe in fate?
sometymes you try,
so so so hard
but you remain where you are
its not that kmu itu stupid
nor you are a loser
but believe in me
maybe its just meant to be by ALLAH 

who you'll meet ?
how far you go in live ?
when you depart from this world ?

do you believe that it has be planned 
and meant to be ?


shit happens
life sucks ♥

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